Adobe Photoshop 7 Portable

Portable Adobe Photoshop 7 is software that can be used to perform image editing. Features contained in Adobe Photoshop 7 Portable similar to features found in Adobe Photoshop 7 version of the original. Adobe photoshop 7 portable can be used without installation. In fact, this software can be used directly in the USB flash disk.

Adobe photoshop 7 portable very useful for photographers who often work outdoors. Because Adobe photoshop 7 portable easy to use without doing the installation.

Portable Adobe Photoshop 7 Advantages:
Easy to use without doing the installation.
Can be used directly from a USB flash disk.
The file size is small, about 31 mb. Can be stored on a USB flash disk, so it will not reduce hard disk space.

Adobe photoshop 7 portable Disadvantages:
Adobe photoshop 7 portable rather than the original software.
Can not add software plugin in Adobe photoshop 7 portable.
Unable to perform the software update.

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