ASAP 18 - ANNE CURTIS BIRTHDAY PROD (February 24, 2013) - YouTube

Anne Curtis has reacted to rumors that she wore no underwear during her birthday production number in ASAP 18 last Sunday, February 24th.

Speculations say the Princess of All Media wore nothing underneath that high-slit black gown while singing Rihanna’s Diamonds.

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Screenshot taken from the video of her performance has already circulated and the white square covering her pelvic area somehow suggests that at that point, her privates was shown on camera.

To end speculations, Anne answered the question of a fan. @iloveMayAnnD asked: “ngkaroon b ng wardrobe malfunction sa shine like a diamond prod mu? Prang may sumilip kc.”

To that, Anne replied: “haha! Don’t worry. I won’t let that happen again. 100% protected.”

‘Again’ in Anne’s tweet referred to the 2010 ASAP incident in Boracay when her bikini tops accidentally got out of place while dancing on stage, revealing one side of her chest.

Meawhile, Pam Quinones, Anne’s stylist, also tweeted in defense of the star. She said “@annecurtissmith wore  a dress w/ built-in swimsuit” so that’s what Anne meant when she said she’s ‘protected.’


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