For Talk N Text User: 1 Month Unlimited Text to ALL Networks

Note: For Talk N Text subribers only because I have not yet tested it on Smart. You might try it to Smart and feel free to leave a comment if working. You have to register first  to Unlitext150 - Unlitxt for 1 month‎. How? Composed new mesage, type U150 and send to 4545. When you are registered. Make a Distribution List or Group of Contacts, you combine all networks such as SUN, Globe, TM, Smart, Talk 'N Text, Red or any other network here in the Philippines (not the networking business ha, hehe, just joking). So, now you have the list, you forward the message to the group that you've made earlier and until it finished sending, and do Balance Inquiry. When 0 balance and you are able to send the message. You celebrate because you are now 1 Month Unlimited Text to all networks for just P150.00. See, 150 Unlimited Text to all networks. Amazing, isn't it? Two months I did enjoying unlimited to all networks. I have not just tried to send internationally but I think you can message a roaming subscribers. That's Talk N Text, basically WINS!!!

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